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Bologna is a city on a human scale and in the historical center many distances can be fast covered on foot. An efficient public transport system allows to go quickly anywhere in the city.
Visitors arriving at Guglielmo Marconi International Airport can reach the  Central Station and the city center in a few minutes by the Aerobus – BLQ line. During major trade fairs, the BLQ bus continues its route up to the Fair District.
Different car rental services with driver and an efficient taxi service are available for visitors 24 hours a day.
Visitors coming to the city by car can find very convenient car parks, well connected with public transports or take advantage of the large underground parking areas and several garages in the historical center.
For tourist buses, there is a convenient place for unloading of passengers in the city center and a well-organized welcome service at the Bologna bus station (Autostazione), only 100 meters far from the railway station and 15 minutes’ walk from Piazza Maggiore.
Visitors coming to town by car must bear in mind the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), a large area located within the historical center of Bologna where circulation of motor vehicles is daily restricted from 7 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. The entrances to the ZTL area are monitorated by Sirio "the electronic traffic warden".
Visitors are provided with special access to hotel facilities (including bed & breakfast), public garages and repair shops of the Limited Traffic Zone.




Guglielmo Marconi International Airport, 15 minutes by bus from Historic DownTown, connecting Bologna to the main Italian and European airports. With a record increase from last year, the Bologna airport is now considered the 4th stop in Italy for international flights and one of the most important and wide range of choice of links and has already celebrated its 5-millionth passenger.
London - Bologna in less than two hours, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Kiev, Prague, and world scene, we now go to destinations such as Beijing, Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo, to name a few.
Among the latest links that were activated in 2010: Krakow, Fez, Lanzarote, Marrakech, Porto, Zaragoza, Tenerife, in addition to major cities in Spain, France, Great Britian, Eastern Europe and North Africa.




For the strategic geographic location - between downtown and the north - Bologna is the main Italian railway junction, made even more efficient by the high-speed trains, which, together with the new railway station project, will lead to greater development and a significant increase of daily transit of trains and passengers.
You can now arrive at Bologna Central Station, thanks to high speed trains, in half an hour, from Florence, an hour from Milan, in an hour and a half from Venice, in 2 ½ hours from Rome, in 5 hours and 45 minutes from Bari
The Metropolitan Railway System is also connected to almost all the cities and provinces of Emilia Romagna.




In Bologna there are the two main Italian motorways that junction, linking the north and south of the country (A1 and A14), thus it can be reached directly from all major Italian cities.
You can go towards Milan (with a deviation from Parma to Genoa), then Venice (A13) and Brenner (22).
You can also reach the south, to Rome or Reggio Calabria (A1) and from Bari or Lecce or Taranto (A14).




TPER - Bologna Passenger Transportation is a public transport company that connects urban and suburban or rural service areas in the province to the city of Bologna.
To improve the quality of the city, TPER favors the purchase of vehicles characterized by solutions that allow a strong reduction of polluting emissions, choosing, for urban routes, natural gas vehicles, hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, while suburban route vehicles have diesel engines that comply with all the latest European standards for emissions reduction.

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